Ben Rose

Energy and Emissions Analyst

Ben Rose worked in farming and agricultural research in his youth and after completing a BSc in environmental science and Grad. Dip. Ed., moved on to a long career. He has worked inscience education, rural resource management, energy/CO2 emissions auditing, carbon sequestration assessment, carbon footprint analysis and modelling of renewable electricity grids. While working in sustainable agriculture Ben produced many reports and technical publications including "Code of Practice for Environmentally Sustainable Vegetable and Potato Growing in WA", and a chapter in the book 'The Biochar Revolution'. He developed a personal energy / CO2 emissions calculator in 2005, improving it in 2009 and again in 2020, with several explanatoryeducational brochures and power point presentations. Ben invented the renewable energy modelling software tool PowerBalance2 (PB2), which is licensed under open source copyright. Along with the carbon footprint calculator, it can be downloaded from his website Using PB2 in conjunction with the wind and solar software SIREN, Ben has produced and costed scenarios for renewable energy on the WA SWIS grid, one of which he presented on Curtin Corner in April 2019. Some of his published articles on renewable energy can be found at: His paper “Estimating mortality cost and social cost of CO2 emittedby items, applied to passenger vehicles” was published in Renew. Energy Environ. Sustain. 8, 21 (2023).He presented Power Point presentations on this theme at Curtin University in March 2023 and World Renewable Energy Conference, Murdoch University in Dec 2022.